Less children are drinking Ribena with the growth of sugar-shunning mums and dads.



Everyone has a different favourite strength of squash.



Reposition Ribena as a drink for teenagers by tying it to the dark and the subversive.

Light-Sensitive 6 Sheet (Design 1)

Alters with brightness levels to change throughout the day.

Light-Sensitive 6 Sheet (Design 2)


Product Design

Revamped pre-mix Ribena which appeals to all tastes by coming in a range of squash strengths.

Glow-in-the-dark Temporary Tattoos

Released with pre-mix Ribena, glow-in-the-dark tattoos patches let teenagers experiment and rebel – without their parents’ knowledge. 

Integrated TikTok Adverts

Using the looping nature of TikTok videos, Ribena can partner with influencers to create ‘darkening’ content – hijacking TikTok’s structure to create videos which get increasingly darker, the longer you watch them.

Light-Adaptive Creepypasta

Ribena can release branded horror stories for Creepypasta. The stories will be written in modular ‘blocks’, or mini-chapters, so the tone and atmosphere of the story can be changed by changing the phone’s brightness: lower light = scarier story. Stories also have unlockable content only accessible when the phone is in complete darkness, increasing the potential for scariness.