42% of Brits in their 20s think owning a home is impossible. 30% think they’re more likely to land a date with their favourite A-lister than ever get a mortgage.



Impossible things are a source of delight when we’re younger. They’re more often a source of frustration when we’re older.



Acknowledge people’s negative outlook on their mortgage prospects ­— and create a range of tools to help them become first time-homeowners.

6 Sheet

6 Sheet

'Deposit Builder' App Design x Zoopla

Using customers' most visited properties on Zoopla, the Natwest app can use general adversial networks (GAN) to create a fantastical sketch of a customer’s dream home –– and slowly turn it into a reality as their deposit grows, to incentivise saving.

Adaptive YouTube Pre-Roll Videos (8-10 seconds)

Using customers’ most visited properties on Zoopla, Natwest can make pre-roll videos for YouTube, replacing the iconic castle from the opening shot of Disney films with each customer's dream home. Endcards tie into the wider campaign.

Go-Habitation Group Deposit

A Natwest scheme which enables people who aren’t married or in a civil partnership to pool their deposits and incomes together in order to qualify for mortgages for the first time. If customers move elsewhere, they can transfer the equity they’ve built up on their existing mortgage to a new mortgage on another property.

48 Sheet

Dramatising the benefits of the Go-Habitation financial tool

48 Sheet

Dramatising the benefits of the Ringfenced Deposit financial tool

Ringfenced Deposit

A Natwest scheme which allows people to use existing assets of any kind – tangible & intangible, financial & fixed – to supplement their current cash assets in qualifying for a deposit. If the assets are ringfenced, they can act as a guarantee for the mortgage and don’t need to be transferred to the bank.