There’s no way to ‘enjoy’ conventional investments: stocks, bonds, portfolios. People only take pleasure from them when they increase in value.


Luxury goods are often viewed as an extravagance, or squandering ­— but they often appreciate in value.


Position Harrods as a financial service and an investment opportunity.

6 Sheet

48 Sheets

The Harrods 100

Harrods’ staff will select 100 of the most exclusive and opulent items from Harrods, chosen for their future earnings potential. These items will form the ‘Harrods 100’, a fund modelled on the FTSE 100. An Exchange-Traded Fund (ETF) will also be launched, allowing anyone to invest as much or as little in Harrods luxury as they’d like.

'The Harrods 100' 6 Sheet

'The Harrods 100' Hamper

Harrods’ most opulent hamper, The Harrods 100 Hamper, will contain all 100 items that make up

The Harrods 100.

App Design 

Harrods will catalogue receipts by blockchain, and allow customers to view their digital receipts through the Harrods app. Customers can check the provenance of all their purchases – essential in a luxury goods market filled with fakes and forgeries. 

Delivery Service

New, revamped Harrods delivery vans modelled on armoured, cash-transporting trucks.