D&AD New Blood 2019 Pencil Winner

D&AD New Blood Brief

giffgaff’s strapline is “the mobile network run by you”. Yet no-one really knows what their brand stands for. Create a copy-led campaign that celebrates giffgaff’s story and what makes them unique.


A single piece of copy, 800 words in length.


giffgaff has 2 million members. Its democratic community, where members vote on what giffgaff should be, is Britain’s best example of democracy. It dwarfs membership of the Labour (550,000) and Conservative (120,000) Parties.



Create #giffgaffrules. The political party, run by you.

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Deliverable (800 words)

Every political party has a manifesto. So the 800 word deliverable was used to write the manifesto for #giffgaffrules.

6 Sheets